Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gargling, throat spray, and grandma's chicken soup

Well, just two days into this blog and I'm already reporting illness. Last week I was on a two-hour ride - much of it through snow and icy trails - and I just pushed myself a bit too much. I ended up with a throat infection. But thanks to my wife, who cared for me like I was deathly ill (or maybe I just made it sound like I was dying), she kept me on a regular discipline of gargling, throat spray, and chicken soup. Okay, it wasn't grandma's chicken soup, but it still worked.

Yesterday was the worst day, and I called in sick to work. But today, it seemed like the infection was completely gone and all was right again with the world. Hmmm...maybe I learned a lesson and won't be pushing myself again in that cold air like I was still 20 years old. No riding today, as I want to make sure I'm fully recovered.

But for now, here are some pictures of my home-made handlebar windshields. I hope to try them out later this week. These aren't any new invention, as people have been making these for as along as I can remember. But if you're interested in winning a prize, stay with me. To the first person who guesses what these are made of, and posts the answer in the comments area of this post, I will make a pair for your bike...FREE! There is one catch though...you have to join me on a test ride on one of our cold, winter days. Are there any brave souls out there? ;)

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