Thursday, December 23, 2010

This hill too shall pass

Well, I'm still playing the sicko role, as my virus/throat infection/whatever is stubbornly lingering on. I've learned that I just need to be as stubborn and persistant with the gargling. I haven't been on the bike for a week now, and at times I find it hard to imagine that I could ride another century, much less break a 290-mile record. But I always remember something that I heard one of ultra-marathon cycling's living legends, Susan Notoragelo, say years ago when asked about experiencing low points in your training. She gave a comparison to the hills you encounter in a ride. And I know I will be frightfully misquoting her here, but Susan said something like, "Don't worry about those low, difficult times. Because like the hill that you find yourself painfully climbing, those times too shall pass. And you know there will always be the downhill up ahead."

Getting older usually means getting slower. But age can also bring a wisdom and a opportunity to nurture faith that circumstances can, and often do, get better. Lord willing (and I truly mean that), this "hill" too shall pass, and that downhill won't be too far ahead. For now though, I'm using this opportunity to focus on more important things in my life. Things like the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, and all the other blessings that have been showered upon me in my life. How about you? What will you be celebrating on December 25th?

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