Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rolling right along...

My roller training season has offically started. Most non-cyclists have no idea what bicycle rollers are, and even many cyclists don't. But before all the fluid trainers, before all the mag trainers, and even before all the wind trainers, were the rollers. For decades this is what every competitive cyclist from the Great White North used to train with during the long, cold winter months. The older designs were commonly made of drums about 4.5 inches in diameter. These don't provide much resistance, and are mostly used to develop good form rather than strength on the bike.

But these days, you have the option of two additional sizes, 3 inch and 2.25 inch. The 2.25 are for mostly cyclists of the Nelson Vales or Eric Heiden  persuation, those fearless cyclists with quads measuring the same circumfrence as my waist. My old rollers in the '80s were 4.5 inch drums, and I could easily do a double century on them, even during the off season. But when I picked up a new set last year, I opted for the 3 inch drums. They seem to be the best compromise, allowing you get a somewhat decent workout and still remain on them long enough to concentrate on one's form. If you want to see what these are all about, here's a good example of how not to do it. And here's an example of how the great Eddy did it.

Anyway, when it's cold outside and don't feel like getting dressed up like the Michelin Man, I hop aboard the rollers, and dream of warmer days to come.

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