Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Day of Sun

This past Sunday, the day of the Milwaukee Roubaix, we were blessed with sunny skies. On either side of that day, both saturday and Monday, we had more snow. I opted out of that particular ride itself, however, and chose to ride on my own. I took a nice, but windy ride up to the outskirts of Sheboygan. The winds were crazy! Gusty with speeds around 25-40 mph. I finished with 85 miles under my belt, and was dog tired when I rolled inot the driveway that afternoon. It was a good ride though, and I'm hoping to do a century within a few weeks. With the upcoming weather forecast though, with more rain and snow on the way this week (it's sleeting/snowing right now), that will be quite the challenge to prepare for.

I just read an interview of Alexi Grewal in the recent issue of VeloNews. It seems he is a minister to the homeless. May the Lord bless him in his new adventures, both on and off the bike. He continues to be an inspiration to me.

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