Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remembering the good old days...

Since my wife and I were only married a little over three years ago, she never really knew me as an ultra-marathon cyclist back in the '80s. But a couple years ago, she realized that this passion had returned, and has supported me and my dream. At this time, I don't consider myself an ultra-marathon cyclist, as I have yet to do just a double-century in the last 20+ years. And yet, she believes in me, and often speaks of her husband "the ultra-marathon cyclist" when talking about me to her friends. Bless he heart.

Recently, I've been digging up cycling paraphernalia from my past, and showed her the photo below. This was taken halfway through the inaugural "Race Across Wisconsin" in 1984. We had only three riders who wanted to commit to such an insane act of bicycling across Wisconsin in one day, and making it somewhat of a friendly competition...just to keep it interesting!

Those insane by name were, from left to right in the photo: yours truly, Rich, and Brian. Only two of us would actually finish the race that long, hot day in August of 1984. The third one, Rich, had honorably dropped out, and helped in one of our support cars. When the support car approached me later that day just after passing through the Holy Hill area, Rich opened up his car window and proceeded to plant a new seed in my mind when he called out, "We got to get you signed up for the 'John Marino Open'"! (the 700-mile qualifier for Race Across America).

Whatever happens, to God be the glory!

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