Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The snake is on the loose

There is certain 50 year-old cyclist who I've had the pleasure to communicate with lately, a pro from days gone by. I knew of him back in the day, but have never actually met him personally. A year or so ago, he felt a calling to make a comeback to the sport. I've only been a laid-back ultra-marathon cyclist at my best, and never even touched the level of cycling that which this man was at his worst. When I heard of his return, I was inspired. Sure, it felt good that I could follow his story and possibly find inspiration as I pursued my own "comeback". But where my inspiration and encouragement lies is far deeper than his return to cycling. You see, this man accepted Christ as his Savior a while back, and it appears he is living his faith in the way he approaches his life and in how he has compassion for others. Like most of us that are children of the living God, we hope to grow more and more like Him as we mature in our faith and grow closer to Him. It's a process, a process that often hurts, especially when there is an opportunity in that process to grow the most.

My brother in Christ has been hurting lately. The world and all Satan's workers are at it again. Just when the evil one sees that someone is growing stronger, he often releases extra efforts to pull us away from the King. He knows what kind of ammo to use to do that, and often uses the very people we love the most to throw that ammo. That's what seems to be happening now. My bother has expressed deep discouragement from his dream to be in the race again. I want to tell him that whatever happens, to not lose his contact with the LORD. That's what I'm praying for tonight, that my brother keep his eyes focused on the King, and not the distractions of discouragement and dispair that are being used to draw him further away. I hope my brother knows he has all the tools he needs to fight this battle, in the Word.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Jeremiah 29:11


  1. We as Christians must continue to put on the full armor of God~Ephisians 6:10-19! Do all things for the Glory of God!
    Keep that focus!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jon. You are so right.