Friday, April 1, 2011

Still cranking along...

I took a vacation day today. Rain had been in the forecast, but it seems to be taking it's time getting here. Okay by me, as it allowed me to get a good 25-mile ride in. These days I do a lot more than pedal on my rides...thinking, praying, planning, brainstorming, dreaming, etc. I've decided to sell off some of my treasured Leica camera gear. Heck, I rarely use it these days, and I'd like to pick up a new portrait lens for my DSLR to try and make a few extra dollars.

Tomorrow morning I'll go to my Men's Bible Study at 7:00 am, then come back home for some chow before I hop on my bike. I hope to get in a good long ride, 60+ miles, with maybe some hills in the Kettle Moraine area. My new IC3 riding kit should be coming soon!

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