Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sun, where art thou?

Looking back a year ago, I had just finished the month of March with 500 road miles. And that was while still riding my hybrid! Just about one year ago, I picked up my road bike, a 2005 vintage Felt F65. It was a pleasure to get back on a real road bike, after being away for 20 years. Well, this spring is quite a bit wetter and colder, and it's been a challenge to get consistent road miles in.

My longest ride so far this year has been about 60 miles, but at a touring snail's pace (that's considerably slower than the pace of a racing snail). This Sunday I might accept an invitation to join a few other (much stronger) cyclists on the inaugural "Milwaukee Roubaix", a 100+ mile training ride to Holy Hill and back. For now, I struggle with the decision, not knowing if I will be biting off more than I can chew and thus getting chewed up by the rest of the group. Unfortunately, the weather forecast looks pretty lousy, with cold temps and high possibility of rain. Looks like this is an ideal opportunity for extra prayer!

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