Monday, May 30, 2011

Respect the elements

Today's ride of 118 miles, my longest in over 20 years, left me drained, trashed, and humbled. I've done 3 centuries so far this year, but nothing like this one. The first element not to be taken lightly was the heat. Wisconsin has been experiencing a somewhat cool and wet spring...until today. I don't know what today's official high was, but I'm guessing we went over 90 degrees F.

The next element that brought me to my knees on today's ride was the terrain. The hills were alive with the sound of...lungs heaving and legs screaming. Heat and hills are a force to be respected of themselves, but put them side by side and they become the monster that comes to destroy. Oh yeah, then I might as well include the 20-30 mph cross-headwinds that toyed with my already confirmed physical and mental infirmity on the way back.

But it's what I wanted. Really.

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