Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Interesting Week

Last week Sunday, I was able to meet the PAC Tour for the first leg of their week long Door County tour. What made this significant for me was that I had a chance to see and ride with Lon Haldeman again. It had been 24 years back in 1987, as his wife, Susan Notorangelo, reminded me. That was when I did a couple of brevets they organized during "Ultra Week". It was a pleasure to see Lon and Susan again, but also to meet and ride with their daughter, Rebecca, and son-in-law, Christopher. We rode together for roughly 70 miles until I had to turn around and head back home to Milwaukee. Most of that ride was in the rain, but the company of this friendly group made for a very enjoyable morning. My total mileage for the day was 118.

Today I rode up to Plymouth, then over to Sheboygan Falls, then back home to Milwaukee. It was a hard ride, with hills and light head-cross winds on the way out and the way back. Total was 130.7 miles. My legs (especially quads) and dead tonight. I lost 5 pounds on the ride...obviously not drinking enough. I seem to be having a difficult time recovering from these long rides lately. Maybe I need a real recovery week!

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