Friday, June 3, 2011

Resting away

This morning my wife and I are heading out of town with several friends from church. We're planning to surprise another friend who is graduating from seminary. It will be a fun time, as I don't think our special friend has any idea that we will be traveling 5 hours away to honor her achievement and celebrate with her. It is an honor to have her as a friend.

This will also give me 3 days off the bike, which is also a good thing right now. Last month was my highest mileage month in over 20 years, with nearly 900 miles in May alone. My training has been going well as I've ramped up the distance, in addition to incorporating more hills and intensity in my workouts. But I also know that recovery is just as important, especially since this is the hardest I've worked on the bike in over 20 years...and that means my body is also 20 years older and a little slower to recover.

My dream has kept rather clear to me as the spring of 2011 matures. Plans for a support crew and equipment requirements will be starting soon, so that by winter I hope to have most of that laid out. And by the grace of God, in a little over a year from now, the record will have been broken.

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