Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One more step...

This past Monday I celebrated the 4th of July by bicycling from Milwaukee to Sturgeon Bay, WI. Despite a mild headwind for the majority of the ride, some of the worst saddle sores I have ever experienced in my life, and trying to ignore a nasty headcold that began about 2 days prior, I had quite a bit of fun. The roads were mostly smooth, with somewhat heavy (but well-behaved) holiday traffic. The sun was at my back, so that made it considerably more tolerble than if I had been heading south.

I had no problems with sore knees or achilles tendons, some issues which had bothered me in the past a few times. But those darn saddle sores...yes, they were what drained most of my energy. I came to the decision that it was due in part to the fact that I finally wore out my saddle, as the back rail supports seem to have let loose and are no longer fixed securely. I also think that I may have found the next weakness in my bike fit. This saddle has served me very well since last spring, and allowed me to accululate nearly 7,000 miles last year with absolutely no discomfort. In fact, I had mentioned to several people how I knew that saddle was a good fit because I never actually thought about it during a ride, even the 100+ mile ones. So tonight I brought home a test saddle from work, Wheel & Sprocket Bike Shop, to try out for a few days.

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