Monday, September 26, 2011

Here comes the rain again...

So, a week ago last Sunday, I get caught doing a 100 miles in a down pour. This past Saturday, just 6 days later, I end up doing a 75 mile ride in nothing short of the same. Actually, the first 50 miles or so, consisted of steady, but not hard rain. But then the skies let loose again for the last 25 miles, bringing is huge, heavy drops that felt like hail against any exposed skin. I was riding with an tandem team, Steve and Barb, that must have had a hidden motor on their purple Co-Motion tandem. Now, anyone who has ever drafted behind a strong tandem team knows that you are usually in for a free ride. Tandems have the same frontal area as a single bike, but powered by two "motors". Unfortunately, when the streets are covered with flowing water that is closer to a small river than the beautifully dry, clean roads we envision in our cycling dreams, you really don't want to sit on the wheel of any bicycle...unless you like drinking in worm water all day long. And I did enough of that 6 days prior. So when we had each other's wheel, we usually just sat a few inches off to one side, and that made life so much more "pleasurable".

So we rolled, and we rolled hard, into the driving rain. It was a blast, as it is any time when I can get a ride in and get home safe and in one piece. Next week I might be meeting Steve for another ride, but this time he will be on his single bike.

Oh yes, did I mention how old Steve is? Well, let's just say that he won 3 gold medals in this years Wisconsin Senior the 60-65 age category. In fact, his time was faster that 1st place times in both age categories younger than him: 50-54 and 55-59.

Sometimes life can be so humbling.

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