Monday, August 8, 2011

Wait and Listen: Part One

Yeah, it's been over a month since I've had anything to say. Well, in truth, it's just been difficult for me to write. Writing is not something that comes easy for me. Sometimes I think it's easier for me to knock off 100 miles on the bike than it is to tap out a simple paragraph. But the heartstrings have been pulled a bit too tight lately, so here goes.

For several months, my wife and I had plans to head up to northern Wisconsin for a few days during the weekend of July 23-24. We would check out the route that I will be using for next year's cross-state record attempt. I was planning to ride the 290 miles over a period of two days, and Linda would be practicing her support crew skills, giving us both a somewhat "leisurely" break from our everyday routine. But about two weeks before, those plans began to change. Lois, my mother-in-law, who's health had been going downhill lately, began to show signs of a departure from this earthy life. Several days before our planned trip, Linda and I both realized we should not be going anywhere far from home.

On Friday, July 22, Linda spent most of the day with Mom, and part of the evening. I worked the following day, on Saturday. Linda was also spending that day with Mom. She called me at work that afternoon, saying that the nurse had suggested Linda go home for a bit, take a break, and come back later in the evening. During our talk on the phone, Linda suggested I come over and visit a bit with Mom when I got off work. I said that I probably would have to head straight home, being very tired after a long, busy day. By the tone in Linda's voice, I could tell she was disappointed, but said she understood. I told he I would visit Mom tomorrow morning before heading to work. That visit never happened.

Right now I'm feeling like a just hammered out a hard 100 miles, and I need to take in some air. More tomorrow.