Friday, August 24, 2012

The Aftermath

Now that this 3 year journey has been completed, the next several days will be spent compiling all the notes and photographs that my crew recorded during the ride. Wednesday was my first day back on the bike and it was a very easy spin on the Ozaukee Interurban Trail to the north end of Cedarburg. Thursday I took another easy spin of about 20 miles. Then later in the day I joined up with the "Ride MKE" Club that has Thursday evening rides out of Wheel & Sprocket's Northshore location. I had a nice vigorous 30 mile "big-ring", clean-out-the-cobwebs ride with the group, and actually felt pretty good.

I'll post a story of our adventure soon, along with all the interesting characters we met along the way. For now, please enjoy a few photos from the record ride:

Ready to leave for Prescott, WI Saturday moring

Support vehicle getting inspected by U.M.C.A. official
About 3 hours into the ride

A long awaited sunrise!
One of the smaller climbs

Mark, don't feed the cows!
A brief route discussion

"Honey, you broke the record! You broke the record!!!"
Victory at 19 hours and 43 minutes after crossing the bridge in Marinette, WI,
as Mark collapses at the finish.

Monday morning after the victory (left to right):
Nick Carver - UMCA Official
Brian Larson - Crew Chief and Navigator
Mark Ehlers - Rider
Linda Ehlers - Coach and Follow Vehicle Driver
Judi Zink - Log Keeper and Cook

Rider, crew, official, and welcoming party!
(including Dave and Nancy Bontempo and Ruth Carver...and oh, yes...Buster!)

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