Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the way...

Had my first physical therapy session today, and it went well. I have some additional soft tissue damage around the knee area, but that should resolve itself with time and proper exercises.

I also had my first follow up visit with my surgeon, Dr. Kurtin, and it went well. The staples came out easily and the wound is healing nicely. I learned more about the new hip, recovery process, and my cycling future. The doctor and I also discussed my somewhat narrow Q-angle (narrow hips), even for for the average male. What this means is that, from a structural standpoint, I would have made a heck of a ultra-marathon runner.

Hmmm...as a kid I used to dream about being a long-distance Hopi runner. But just like my dream of being a horse jockey, these dreams all went out the door when I got to over 5 feet high. ;)
But the good thing is, my narrow Q-angle should help my new hip last longer!

Recovery will be a continuing process. What I can't do now, I'll be able to do next week. What I can't do next week, I'll be able to do the following week, and so on.

A friend from work has offered to lend me his indoor exercise bike, which initally should work better than putting my own bike on the trainer. I'm also going to be using some adapters that will effectively shorten the crankarms on my bike, until my full range of motion returns.

Little by little, day by day, month by month, I hope to be riding on the road again sometime in spring. The doctor feels confident that I should be ready to do the annual "Race the Lake", a 90-mile race around Lake Winnebago in August.

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