Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning and Growing

My last post, just over a month ago, reflected a good amount of optimism. Unfortunately, just after writing it, my riding began going downhill, and not in a good way. For several weeks, whenever I began to increase my mileage or intensity, soon afterward, it seems I would slip back into a lower level of performance than before the increase. The truth is, I was weaker on the bike than I was 2 months earlier. It was frustrating, especially when my body began having unusual aches that didn't prove to help it get stronger. I had an idea of what I needed to get past this physical roadblock, but it took me nearly 2 months to take action and put that idea into practice. Two weeks ago, I finally did it. It was a position change on the bike I had theorized would address the recent limitations of my body, now that I was (still) recovering from my accident and receiving a total hip replacement.

My body functions differently than it did a year ago, due to the accident, and this small change I made proved to make all the difference.  I've been riding with this new position for almost 2 weeks now, with several rides in, and going for as long as 70 miles. One of the first things I've noticed is an obvious increase in the power I'm able to apply to the pedals. Now I feel I can actually turn over a big gear when I want to, something I really haven't been able to do since last year.

I'm still not at the same level I was this time last year, but that's okay.
I'm learning and growing.

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