Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scars and Recovery

I wonder how the 8" long scar from my hip replacement last Christmas eve might be affecting my recovery. The surgeon has told me (more than once) that recovery will be "complete" one year from the accident, or more precisely, "Where you are a year from now, is where you will stay."

Even though I appreciate his skill as a surgeon, I have come to doubt those words. 3 days ago, with only a week before that year of recovery would be up, I was treated by my chiropractor. She performed something on my body that I haven't been able to do on my own. For the first time in months, my "new" leg feels almost 100% free from the tightness and soreness that had been progressively getting worse, and I feel as if the leg is now heading into a condition to allow for growth in better flexibility and strength.

A naturopath I was seeing last spring had stressed the significance of how a scar can affect the proper functioning of your body, and how proper treatment can affect the recovery beyond what we have been lead to believe is possible by traditional doctors. I wonder how many times we allow ourselves to believe that and old injury, whether it be physical or emotional, prevents us from doing what we were able to do before an injury, and maybe even go beyond.

There was one other thing my surgeon said to me after the surgery, referring to the arthritis that was in my old hip and how it would no longer be an issue. He said, with this new hip, I might even (eventually) be a better cyclist than I was before the accident. Could he possibly be correct, but for more reasons and through a different route of recovery than what he had considered? Time, and staying receptive to new possibilities of such recovery, might be the key.

An article on scars, and further information on how they may affect our body's ability to function properly, can be found here.

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