Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hard Copy Validation

I had the witnesses: my crew and the UMCA official.
I had personal documents: photographs and mileage records on paper.
I had the governing body verification: an email from U.M.C.A. Records Chairman, Drew Clark.

But I was patiently waiting for something that would help me personally to believe we really did it. The "hard copy" validation came in the mail this past Saturday.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in the saddle again

It was only a short, easy spin of 12 miles, but it was significant.

I've been riding up to 3 hours at a stretch in the Pain Cave, so I'm slowly returning. But yesterday was my first ride outside since the surgery. While driving home the shop, I surveyed the roads. I realized that most were clear and dry, with just an occasional puddle. Most important - no black ice. So I hurried to get my kit on, turned on the Garmin, and walked my bike to the end of the driveway.

There is nothing like the first spring ride outdoors. Especially when you can look an old demon straight in the eye and ride away with a smile on your face.

This would be a ride to remember.
It was only a short, easy spin of 12 miles, but it was significant.
God is good.

Monday, March 4, 2013

One (more) small step

Yesterday I took a leap of faith. I had signed up for Ridin' for Research, an indoor cycling fund raising event for the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center. My longest indoor ride since the accident had been 70 minutes long, so I signed up for one of the four 80-minute sessions at the event. But I made myself a promise that if I felt good at the end of the first session, I would go for another one. And I did. But the big unknown was how I would feel the next day.

Well, here it is, one day later, and I my legs are still attached to my body. I expected the quads to feel a bit more tired, as I also did more out-of-the-saddle simulated climbing that I have done since the accident. But aside form a very slight tired feeling in the quads, I feel great!

One more small step.

Today will be a recovery day, focusing mostly on Pilates, stretching, and massage, and maybe some light spinning.

My pledge requests for the Ridin' for Research event were to recognise my friend, Kari Lee Admundson, who has been battling colon cancer for the past year. Because of some generous people who answered my call when I was looking for donations, we were able to raise $140, $40 over the goal I had set.

Contributors in Kari's name:
- Ann Graf
- Eric Unrein
- Jacob Herber
- Mark Duchrow
- Sandra Cunneff
- Tim & Lis Neal

One more small step.
Thank you all, and God bless you.