Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keeping the wheels rolling...

It was nearly 3 years ago, at age 54, that I broke the west to east cycling record across Wisconsin, a record that had been originally set by Fred Boethling​. Fred's record stood for nearly 10 years, until I was able to peel off just a humbling 12 minutes from Fred's record. For me, someone who was never even athletic as a child (or a young adult, for that matter), it was a dream come true. Who would have thought that this lazy, former party-guy would someday find his place in sport and make his mark?

Last year, nearly 2 years later, David Meridith, at age 60, stepped up and slammed my record. David holds other cross-state records, in addition to be an official finisher of Race Across America, so I feel quite fortunate to have even held that record at all with the limited experience I have had in ultra-cycling.

But now there seems to be a new kid on the block, literally. Jessop Keene, an up and coming cyclist of only 27 years old, is planning an attack on the Wisconsin record, to take place on Saturday, August 1st. If youth carries any weight, we might see a new record in the books. If not, he still has a few more decades of training before anyone can say he's too old to be a record holder. And it's just plain neat to see a continuing interest in people making their dreams come true.