Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Funny how much difference a year makes...

About this time last year I was considering selling my fat bike (don't stone me, fat bike cyclists!). Partly because I was getting back into xc skiing, and partly because I was having problems with the wide Q-factor and my fake hip, especially when it comes to the Moonlander, which sports an EXTRA wide Q-factor.

Funny how much difference a year makes. Not sure why, but I'm not experiencing the same problems on the bike as I did a year ago. It might be partly due to the muscular changes that XC-skiing brought me through, bringing my hip-area muscles back to a better condition. It might also be due to the changes I've made in my positioning on the fat bike. I'm guessing that both have been a factor.

Whatever the case, I'm been more comfortable on the (fat)bike this fall than I have ever been. Experimenting with my positioning has even caused me to reconsider how I'm positioned on the road bike, to the point where I'm starting to believe that there is a chance that next year will be my best season on the road bike than I've had in decades.